Roboscan Internet Security Free (64bit)

Roboscan Internet Security Free (64bit) 2.5

Roboscan Internet Security Free (64bit)

Roboscan Internet Security Free is an antivirus, anti-adware, and firewall all rolled in an easy to use program. View full description


  • Free
  • Good performance
  • Nice extra features
  • Real-time protection


  • Ads
  • Doesn't auto update
  • No PC maintence features

Very good

Roboscan Internet Security Free is an antivirus, anti-adware, and firewall all rolled in an easy to use program.

Roboscan Internet Security Free's interface is simple and easy to understand. The most important alerts are given to you immediately. If anything requires an action, an exclamation mark will appear. There are three options for scanning your system: 'Quick,' 'Basic,' and 'Advanced' scan. You can schedule scans so your computer won't be slowed down during a scan.

Performance of Roboscan Internet Security Free is good. Scans were fairly quick and the real time protection detected lots of adware and tracking cookies. Roboscan uses the robust BitDefender scanning engine. The real time protection of Roboscan Internet Security Free is a bit aggressive when detecting adware but there is an 'Excluded Items' list.

Users can specify what folders are to be scanned during an 'Advanced' scan or Roboscan Internet Security Free can scan the entire computer. Roboscan Internet Security Free also includes a basic Firewall, which will be more than enough for the average user. There's also a file shredder within the app to make deleted files unrecoverable.

Roboscan Internet Security Free is ad-supported but the ads are non-obtrusive. Paid versions get PC optimization features and no ads. The enterprise version has the ability to implement changes to security policies over the network.

Roboscan Internet Security Free features a great antivirus scanning engine and real time protection in this free, impressive app.

Roboscan is composed of the BitDefender & ALYac Tera Engine. It's been chosen as one of the best AV programs available.

Roboscan’s Dual Engine, composed of the ALYac Tera Engine and BitDefender Engine, has been recognized as one of the best security engines for online protection by independent research institutes. Roboscan optimizes your PC’s performance and responsiveness by deleting unnecessary files, cleaning up Windows as well as Internet temporary files and managing PC registry. Our “Smart Scan” Technology allows scan time to reduce consistently with each usage of Roboscan. This results in less usage of your PC’s resources. n business security, Roboscan has extensive experience detecting and solving serious network problems such as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).

Roboscan is ideal for anyone who is looking to run an anti-virus program that is not going to slow down your computer. An example would be those who like to play online, PC games. They can run this software in the background and not worry about it interrupting their gaming session.

Roboscan provides 100% protection, frequent updates and is simple to use. It's ideal for someone who needs a light weight program that doesn't slow down their PC. Gamers can run it in the background and it won't cause latency or lag their gaming.

Roboscan Internet Security Free (64bit)


Roboscan Internet Security Free (64bit) 2.5

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  • starrynite

    by starrynite

    "I liked Roboscan's speed and automated functions"

    I liked that once I downloaded it, it would update itself every other day or so. I have it on its automated settings ...   More.